Energy Assets Pipelines Limited (EA Pipelines) is an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) that develops, operates and maintains local gas transportation networks.

Energy Assets Pipelines is an Ofgem regulated iGT working under a gas distribution licence.

Energy Assets Pipelines is an Ofgem regulated independent gas transporter (IGT) working under a gas distribution licence managing the ‘final mile’ local gas networks serving the housebuilding and industrial and commercial sectors.

Energy Assets Pipelines operate gas pipe networks serving domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Our networks are usually directly connected to the major Gas Distribution Networks from where we transport gas through our network to each connected building. We maintain high quality gas networks and ensure gas is safely provided to our customers.

We work closely with house builders, developers, major construction companies and Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIP's) to deliver gas networks to new residential and commercial property developments. As an IGT we are able to adopt any network operating at 7 bar and below across the UK distribution network.

Energy Assets Pipelines are also Ofgem-accredited Meter Asset Manager. This allows the company to supply SMETS2 smart gas meters to UIPs and to own, operate and manage them as assets alongside its ownership and operation of ‘final mile’ gas networks serving residential and commercial developments.





If you are a developer or main contractor – EA Pipelines will work with you to establish best practice design and installation.

If you are a UIP – EA Pipelines will provide competitive Asset Value quotations as well as qualified  and expereinced support throughout the design and installation of a project. We work with a number of Lloyds registered UIP's who work under our standard commercial terms and asset adoption agreements. If you are a UIP looking for a competitive quotation then we would welcome you contacting us to become part of our preferred contractor team. 

Please download the asset value proposal form and send the completed form to 

If your property is connected to an EA Pipelines network – We will take responsibility for the ongoing management and maintenance, providing long term security, safety and integrity.


In an Emergency please ring the gas emergency hotline 0800 111 999



  • Operate any electrical switches (on or off)
  • Smoke or use a naked flame


  • Open doors and/or windows to ventilate the area
  • Check your gas appliances and turn them off
  • Turn the gas supply off at the main meter/or Emergency Control Valve
  • Telephone the free National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999, delivered by Cadent Gas
  • If a fire has started on the premises, immediately activate the fire alarm, evacuate the premises and telephone the fire brigade

Find what you should do in an emergency involving gas or carbon monoxide

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